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Professional Designs

NOTE: An easy but detailed messaging system will soon be implemented for easier communication between buyer and seller, for now make use of owner’s;

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  1. Your Logo Designs ₦2000 each
  2. Your Flyer Designs ₦1600 each
  3. Your Banner Designs ₦3000 each
  4. Complete Branding (Logo, Letterhead, complementary card, notebook design) ₦9000

Get your Job done in 15-38 hrs.                   

Only on Lettads.

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NOTE: From the prices listed above select exactly what you need below and type the correct price, increase the quantity if you need more than one.

If you select different designs at a time and needs more than one for each designs, manually calculate the total price and input to total amount and leave quantity as (1).

Failure to this will result in deduction of your money when refunded.

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