What is Lettads?

Lettads is a website dedicated of all kinds of business advertisement and with it secured mode of transactions.

How do i get registered?

There are different spots you can register from but will show two major ways.

  1. Menu Tab
  2. Mobile buttons


From the menu Tab which is located top right on lettads website, when clicked it brings down a list of which you select the register ribbon then;

  • Fill in the info requested with no space
  • Click the box to agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Click on REGISTER and make sure you get a message of registration successful, check your email to get your password
  • Check your mail inbox to get your password, make sure you copy your password.
  • Return to lettads and click on the login from the menu tab.
  • Enter your username and paste the password sent to you.
  • Your profile dashboard will now be opened.

Registration Successful


Mobile buttons are located beneath on your phone or tab which contains | Home, Submit Ad, Get Registered, Login | After you click on the |Get Registered button|, it takes you to the registration page and you follow same steps above.