• Basics

  • What is lettads all about?

    Lettads is an advertisement website that showcase businesses, skills and talents to nigerians then to the world. In Nigeria advertises majorly to People In Your Area so that they can be able to compare, contact and patronize your business at their comfort.

    People get so stressed up looking for things they exactly need around them locally, make your business, skill and profession easily located and patronized.

  • How do I register?

    We encourage us all to register, either a buyer or a seller in other to activate all functions for better communication about business deals.

    To register, click on the menu bar at the top right corner on your phone or click on anywhere you see “get registered” on the website.

  • After registeration what next?

    After you register, your username and password will be sent to your mail, so make sure your mail can recieve or sent mails. Copy your login details and click on the menu tab to login.

    After that your dashboard appears, immediately click on “Account Settings” and click on get verification code, goto your mail under inbox or spam copy authorisation code which is a bit long, come back to account settings paste your code below and click on verify.

    After you have verified then filled all field on account settings page, scroll down thick the box and click on buttom “save settings“.

    You can update your info at anytime just make sure its not blank.

  • Can i Follow, Like, Report and Comment On a Post?

    Lettads is integrated with all this functions: to like, follow, report a business owner or post a comment about business owner services on their advert posted.

  • Featured ads are adverts shown on the image slider.
  • The slider shows on two different sections on the homepage. They are usually paid for.

Pinned ads are adverts which are pinned to the slider, this ads are first seen or displayed to users scrolling on the sliders.

This are regular ads that are hardly seen on the first page or are not present on the 1st, 2nd …. page do this ads can be pushed up to the top of the first page

Advertising on lettads is totally free, you are not mandated to pay for regular ads on lettads.


Lettads accepts all types of posts or adverts excepts advertising illegal businesses that is not accepted by the federal government.


Login to your dashboard

Click on “click to post advert”

Select your category and your sub category(s)

Fill all fields

Select an image and paste a video link or url link respectively if you have a video to upload.

Select either to post on regular ads or on featured ads section and click on publish ad.



  • Payments and Security

Because of alot of security reasons you are left to do a direct transaction with those involved: transfer, cash … transactions or Pay directly to the company for secured transactions and to get refunds when dissatified with any item bought.


Most of us if not all know of Paystack, so we use this for a secured payment.

Follow the video below as i show you how!



  • How much is Escrow Billing Service Charge?

    When a customer buys or requests for services from lettads we have a service charge of 9% of the total amount paid via escrow.

    As for services requested and paid via escrow on lettads the total amount will be paid to our escrow account while 30% will be paid to the service provider to start the work and when this service is completed after a day of no complain then 61% will be balanced the service provider.

    If at all the service provider did not meet to agreement then corrections must be made before the service provider can recieve the balance of 61%.



  • Privacy


  • How can I control if other search engines can link to my profile?

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