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Why Choose Us

There are a lot of reasons why you should include us in your businesses and skills of any sort, this are as follows;

  • Advertise for free
  • Get your business featured at affordable prices
  • Get Tips on how to Advertise your business to attract customers
  • Get customers to trust your business on lettads
  • Get sales more often
  • Get customers to locate you or your business easily through e.g your contact info, your ad location with google map.
  • Get followed and follow others
  • Free messaging system to all
  • Get professional designs at affordable price.




  • Save time, Stress and money, easily search through lettads and get your needs, wants and desires from various options displayed.
  • Get items or services closest to you. Save time, money and stress
  • Safe Transactions
  • Guarantee yourself of getting exactly what you see and request for.
  • Have save transaction with who you never met.
  • Pay to company and lets manage your transactions for save transactions and reliable return back policy.
  • Get followed and follow others
  • Free messaging system for easy communication among your customers.
  • Get professional designs at affordable price.




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